For the treatment of BPH without surgery: drugs

The prostate gland, prostatic, — an unpaired organ, glandular and smooth muscle tissue. Located in the lower part of the cavity of small pelvis under the bladder, between it, the front wall of the rectum and the foot of the urinary membrane. Iron covering the original part of the urethra, the prostate gland part of the.


Polietiologic disease resulting from proliferation of the glandular zone of the prostate, called benign prostatic hyperplasia. The danger of this disease is that there is a serious difficulty in the normal ability to empty the bladder. The reason is that the urethra, which is excreted in the urine, it is next to the prostate gland. Therefore, without treatment, an enlarged prostate gland squeezes the urethra. Thus, a man can start with the disease, which other ways, such as complete or partial removal of the organ. To prevent the requirement of surgical treatment, you should adhere to proper conservative treatment.

Indications for treatment

When confirmed the diagnosis of adenoma of the prostate, is determined primarily by conservative medical treatment. Treatment medications can be used if there is no kidney problems. Other indications for treatment are:

  • relapses after surgical treatment, which occurred later;
  • old age;
  • when the patient emphatically applies to surgical procedures;
  • early stages of the disease and the small size of the prostate gland.

Only a violation of urinary functions. You also can not use the drug, if the remaining urine is the amount of more than one hundred milliliters. Other topics there are:

  • the presence of blood spots in the urine;
  • if the bladder stones;
  • if there is acute urinary retention.

Attention! After a detailed examination, the doctor only needs to make the choice of medication. If BPH to self-medicate is strictly prohibited. It is not recommended to take self-medication to alleviate the symptoms, it can greatly exacerbate the clinical picture.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment drugs

Prostate adenoma is the nature of the benign tumor. Because the training is of good quality character, that the metastasis does not occur so that the disease is amenable to conservative treatment.

Group of drugsShort features
Androgenic drugsOn the basis of the treatment of BPH are always androgens. These drugs do a great job with the first symptoms. The composition of the androgens is testosterone, it can affect urinary function. It is important to note that androgens are not able to stop the growth of tumor, therefore, medical observation is necessary. The course of treatment and the need for taking androgens is defined only by the doctor because overdose of testosterone may have a negative impact on the course of the disease. The first course of treatment lasts a maximum of one month (the dosage is due to the post-test)
Anti-androgen drugsThere are drugs that can stop tumor growth. Unfortunately, during the treatment tool is a bad side effect – reduced power. The duration of treatment is three months, when the drug is given only once a week
Inflammatory drugs and diureticsThis group of drugs is prescribed, in order to facilitate the process of excreting urine from the body. They can be used so that you can alleviate the symptoms and improve the condition, but no treatment of the disease. In addition to the complex with these medications, your doctor may prescribe vitamins. The duration and dosage will be determined by the attending physician based on the individual characteristics of the disease
SuppositoriesGreat influences on the prostate the use of suppositories. Stated that this type of drugs is one of the most powerful effect on the sick body. The introduction of candles into the rectum, drugs used as far as possible the effect of the prostate gland. The composition of the suppository can be antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory agent, propolis, cocoa butter. Regular use of suppositories is characterized by the following results: to remove the inflammatory process in the prostate; inhibit tumor growth; to restore the main task of the urine

It is important! During treatment, remember to use the suppositories, which minimise the risk of acute urinary retention in the body. Thus, it is possible to delay surgery or prevent it altogether.

Treatment alpha-blockers

This group of drugs is prescribed, in order to reduce the blood pressure in the body. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated and muscles, which are the bladder, to relax. Thus, it is possible to remove the symptoms of difficult urination.

Warning! Alpha-blocker only eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, but can not affect the growth of adenomas, so they can not be used as the primary medicine. In addition, the main side effects are headache and constant nausea.


Treatment of the inhibitor of 5-α-reductase

If a person is diagnosed with the large size of the prostate gland, he prescribed inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase. The main feature of these drugs – to reduce the prostate and reduce the symptoms. The duration of treatment in this case, it will take several months.

However, these drugs can not always completely get rid of the symptoms of the disease, because the size of the prostate does not necessarily correspond to complications.

In addition, there are the following side effects:

  • frequent headaches;
  • nausea;
  • retrograde ejaculation.

Antagonist of muscarinic receptors

Traditionally used to treat disorders of urination, the cause of which is a violation of the innervation of the bladder. The main principle of their action is a violation of the conduction for the fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system and, consequently, reduce the severity of disorders of the cumulative phase.

General instructions

When the diagnosis of the organism and assessment, clinical expert, selected individually the course of drug treatment. Treatment of BPH patients, should be treated seriously and shall not apply, regardless of whether the controversial drugs.

For example, on the Internet you can find a lot of advertising, which guarantees fast and efficient help improve BPH. There is a very popular remedy for ASD. But few people know that this tool has been used exclusively in veterinary medicine and deaths of animals after treatment for ASD is not enough. Some patients who have taken this drug claim that it works on the placebo effect. The traditional treatment for BPH does not have such serious side effects, and no harm to health, so it is best not to experiment with unknown drugs.

All products are selected by the attending physician, as some medications can give side effects that much worse is taken by the patient, and symptoms of adenoma. Don't forget, that during the course of treatment should always be under the supervision of an expert, and to monitor changes in the prostate gland.

Therapy gives a rapid positive effect, it is recommended to use in conjunction with traditional treatment. There are many herbs that make tinctures, which is not as effective way to affect the condition of the prostate. Among them it is worth mentioning the most effective:

Propolis tincture
  1. Propolis tincture. This drug is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory medicines prostate adenoma. To prepare the candle needs 50 grams of propolis, ethanol (200 ml). Propolis has evaporated alcohol followed by 0.2 grams of the finished material and increases the cocoa butter. Every night a candle is pushed into the rectum. The duration of treatment is one month, which is repetitive behavior.
  2. Infusion of aspen bark. You need to brew 100 grams of dry raw material per 200 ml of alcohol or vodka for fourteen days. Ready infusion taken three times a day for twenty drops diluted with water. The tool is taken half an hour before a meal. The duration of treatment is three weeks.

Don't forget that even herbs can have contraindications, so every treatment should be in harmony with the expert.