Test of infertility in men: supply and prices-analysis

Disorders of the male reproductive system is diagnosed very often. Almost half of the cases of infertile couples, the culprit is man. The exact answer will give only a comprehensive survey, based on the analysis of infertility in men. Training, tests, diagnosis and treatment is complex and laborious. Only in the full clinical picture, the doctor can prescribe the right and best treatment, which leads to the desired result.


A variety of diagnostic

Qualitative diagnosis consists of a whole bunch of different tests. In the first stage the patient is waiting for the delivery of analysis, investigating the results obtained. The second is connected only if infertility is not just diagnosed, then the patient is prescribed a comprehensive study.

In the first stage, men should take:

  1. Usually a semen analysis, which looks to the number and mobility of sperm cells. Before you take fertility tests for men needs a few days to avoid sexual intercourse, to abstain from alcohol.
  2. Investigations for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, herpes, are also blood.
  3. Urine tests.
  4. Hormone testing of blood. What hormones are involved in reproduction? This prolactin, testosterone, LH and FSH. These tests pass in the morning, on an empty stomach definitely.
  5. The LHC semen culture. The test is only used when the semen contains white blood cells or bacteria. The result can rule out or confirm an inflammatory process in the field of vesicular complex subject.
  6. Cytological studies of prostate secretion.

Testing sperm Krieger provides an opportunity to assess the morphological status of the sperm.

PCR detection of urinary and genital infections. This research is implemented in the form of a smear.

It is one of the most important diagnosis, because the presence of such infections significantly affect the quality of sperm, and also reduce the chance of conception. And if conception has occurred, it can cause pregnancy complications and even lead to miscarriage or the death of the fetus.

Electron microscopic examination of sperm. Allow us to examine the sperm more detail, to expose the violations of their structure. The test is performed under a microscope very strong growth.

In addition to the above mentioned studies, may be needed the advice of some doctors of narrow specialization: urologist-andrologist, genetics. In addition, you can configure the ultrasound of the pelvic organs, a biopsy of the testes, genetic DNA testing or immunoassay.

The quality of sperm

The study of sperm is the most important diagnostic test. The minimum requirements identified by the world health organisation, consists of eight parameters:

  1. Volume: 2 ml.
  2. pH: not less than 7.2.
  3. The concentration of sperm in 1 ml of ejaculate at least 20 million euros.
  4. Total sperm count: at least 40 million euros of the total ejaculate.
  5. Stable morphology at least 30%.
  6. Sperm vitality: at least 75%.
  7. Leukocytes: less than 1 million per 1 ml.
  8. Movement: more than 50%.

Naturally, analyzing the results, the doctor will take into account the individual sensitivity to threshold norms for each patient.

How much should you take sperm

You can get a more accurate result, you have to pass at least two tests.

Every time a man must comply with the abstinence for at least two days.

Both times, the period of abstinence should be the same in order to equalize conditions. If the results are significantly different from each other, designate additional sperm study.

Of great importance is the passing the tests after a lifetime of sperm: during approximately two-three months. Is there enough research exclaimed to the doctor prescribed treatment? Unfortunately, I'm conservative and surgical methods of treatment cannot be based only on indicators of semen. A careful medical history and perform a comprehensive physical examination, to accurately diagnose and then to treat infertility.


Complex of diagnostics includes the study of certain substances – hormones. The correct or incorrect production directly affects the reproductive system. A blood on hormones has handed over in the morning, on an empty stomach. Regardless of what the test is passed, you need to learn:

  • Luteinizing hormone, which increases testosterone in the blood.
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone, stimulates the growth of seminiferous tubules.
  • Testosterone, the main male hormone, which directly affects the quality of sperm.
  • Prolactin regulate sexual function.
Infertility treatment was conducted by experienced specialist

If the doctor deemed necessary, then in addition to explore the thyroid hormones.

How much is it

Tests for male infertility is possible in any laboratory in the health centers. Prices can vary greatly, it depends on various factors such as the level of medical institution. All in all, the prices are quite reasonable.

Effective test for infertility may be involved in a consultation of experts, also paid. Services urologist in a private clinic and the therapist are inexpensive.

Often clinics offer the first plate and free advice. Decoding tests for male infertility should be treated only by an experienced doctor. The diagnosis is depending on private as well as aggregate level analysis. What treatment is prescribed, the duration depends on the results of these studies.

Many believe that to get rid of infertility difficult, only a small percent of men have the opportunity to return to the task of fertilization. This is completely a wrong idea. Modern methods and products, gives excellent results.