author Sara Radivojević

Sara Radivojević


  • The question of how to treat prostatitis is asked by adult men. It is not always possible to completely cure the disease, but modern urology is able to eliminate the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland. The key to success is qualified therapy, the patient's compliance with doctor's prescriptions.
    7 March 2021
  • Symptoms of infertility in men are very rare. The correct diagnosis of some of the signs and symptoms of infertility in men is inadequate, therefore, to find out the cause of the disease, using all available methods of diagnostics.
    2 July 2019
  • How to treat phimosis drugs. Basic principles of treatment, traditional methods, surgery.
    18 June 2019
  • Prostate adenoma — benign tumor, but it can change over time the prostate cancer. The standard treatment of BPH in men may be drugs more effective and less invasive.
    26 April 2019
  • Peyronie's disease is one of the most dangerous diseases of any man. Only early diagnosis and correctly chosen treatment, you can eliminate all symptoms of the disease.
    7 April 2019